RifiTours is specialised in organising adventurous and cultural tours for groups and individual travellers to the northern region of Morocco: The Rif, called in Berber language A-RIF.
Rifi means in Arabic: Inhabitant of the Rif Region. A Berber names himsel “Amazigh
In our logo you see a flag in Berber-colors: bleu, green and yellow,
with in it the Berber sign of Amazigh: AZUL, what means: HELLO.

What makes us special?
We offer various tour programs and custumized itineraries, exclusively to the Rif Region, to group travellers of 4 till max. 11 persons, and to international tour operators. Our Tour Company, also as a receptive travel agent, provides a unique opportunity to explore the unspoilt region of the Rif, deep into the Rif Mountains, which is still kept undiscovered by mass-tourism, and to get known the way of life of the Rif Berbers at their home land.
Our tours take you to the picturesque town of Chaouen, through the forest surroundings of Ketama and Issagguen, through the Rif-mountains passing green valleys to the beach of AlHoceima, Nador or Berkane in the north eastern part of the country, and further to the caves of Taza, and combined with a visit to the Imperial cities Fes and Meknes at the border of the Rif Region.

Our Aim
We believe everyone deserves his or her dream vacation. It is in our intention to take our guests away from the stress of everyday life and offer them a relaxing but exiting and adventurous holiday. Our tour agency is here to serve all of your vacation needs, and we do our best to make your journey an unforgettable experience.
Our company has the aim to take you on exciting adventures, and provide you a unique opportunity to get known the way of life of the Rif Berbers at their home land, as it is totally different from what you would expect. We understand the culture and the history of the area and we would like to share this with our guests.

Behind the scene
For several years mr. Amar have been working for a few Tour Companies in The Netherlands as a Tour Leader for Morocco as well as in other Arab countries in the Middle-East. He has also been involved in developing new itineraries and adjusting tour programs in these countries. During many tours and due to his experience, he has become to know the needs and wishes, especially, of the culturally and adventurously oriented traveller to whom he and his team offer their services.

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