Morocco is the ultimate holiday destination for any traveler, while now it is very restless in the Middle East.
The Kingdom of Morocco, due to the reforms during recent years, is one of the few stable and safe countries of the Arab world.

Northern Morocco, also called the ‘Rif’, is a large region with many possibilities for tourism. In comparison with the South, it has a milder climate, also in the summer as it is bounded by the Mediterranean and the Rif mountains also provide some coolness. However, the Rif (a former Spanish colony), inhabited by Berbers, has been isolated from the outside world for a long time. The nature there has remained unspoilt, as it lacks large industrial companies and it is not discovered yet by mass tourism. All this taken together makes this area interesting as a new destination for travellers, as it provides a variety of possibilities in organised tours through the North of Morocco.

Just in recent years, after many visits of the current King Mohammed VI, to the Rif region, the infrastructure has improved. Not only are there new roads built, but also luxury hotels. However, there are hardly any touroperators with experience in this part of the country that can provide these tours. Causing many travelers to Morocco to miss much added pleasure to their holidays. After all, even for passionate Morocco-travelers, now this is an excellent opportunity to expand their travel experience through a different Morocco.

With unspoilt surroundings providing plenty opportunities for hiking through mountains and forests, camping, and visits to authentic Berber houses, historical monuments, souks, wonderful sea-sights, beaches and much more… thus, enough possibilities in the Rif for a variety in cultural and adventurous tours and tailor-made trips.
The area has many flight destinations for national and international flights, with airports in Al-Hoceima, Nador, Tetouan, Fes and Tangier.

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